Wert&Co.’s CEO

A new chapter

2 min readSep 8, 2023

Our business is the business of change: changing aspirations, changing teams, and ever-changing stories.

Wert&Co. has played an integral role in helping designers and the organizations they’ve been a part of navigate immense change for almost thirty years. Our earned wisdom is not just identifying what comes next but seeing who it is that can push, pull, mold, lift, or carve out that “next” from the current “now.”

As we design our own future, Wert&Co. welcomes Daniel Wert to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Working alongside co-founders Judy Wert and Jeff Wert and the Wert&Co. team, he will be complimenting their decades of experience with his own expertise and accomplishments.

Daniel joined Wert&Co. in 2021, modernizing our executive search practice and diversifying our business thanks to his in-house operational experience building successful products and high-functioning teams at multiple growth-stage startups. Most recently, as the first employee and Head of People at Anchorage Digital, he helped build a multi-billion dollar business and globally diverse team across every discipline.

With Daniel’s experience and vision, Wert&Co. will continue to innovate and add new services and capabilities in the coming months and years, resolute in our commitment to design and to people. 🧡

“We want to make sure that Design helps to lift the next generation of companies from Day 1,” says Daniel, “and continue to broaden our understanding of Design to truly include all Designers — including those who design teams, businesses, and careers. A fitting mission for a ‘recruiting’ company founded by a Designer, for Designers.

I am honored to help make Wert&Co.’s practice more inclusive of companies at all stages of growth and leaders at all stages of life. From Builders to Board Members to Operators to Team Builders — there are many ways to be a Designer, and there are even more ways to be a Leader. One size has never fit all.”




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